Monday, August 06, 2007

What Are You Doing?

You might be asking that about the Glasers. . . The computer is dead for good, and the Geek Squad was unable to perform the hoped-for miracle. Yesterday, we took advantage of South Carolina's Sales Tax Holiday in which school supplies are exempt from sales tax. We were delighted to discover that computers are on the list of approved items and purchased a new Dell Inspiron 1720, which is due on or about August 21. I plan to get my blogs back on track once we adjust to Vista.

I have one exciting story to share about Pamela. Last Saturday, Steve and Pamela went to Charleston (I had a prior commitment and could not go). They ran errands, ate a nice lunch, and were heading home when Steve stopped to gas up the car. He peeked in the window of the car and spotted Pamela nonchalantly making a phone call. She has never called someone on her own initiative. In fact, prior to starting RDI last March, I could barely get her to sit through, "Hi", two answers, and "Good-bye". In the past couple of months, she has gradually improving in having phone conversations.

Who was Pamela calling? Me! I picked up the phone and heard, "What are you doing?" So, I told her that I had gone to a meeting with Oma and was answering email. Then, I asked her what she was doing, and she told me the events of her day! She did not ask me what was for dinner, nor did Pamela have an ulterior motive in mind. She called simply to call and share her day!

For gentle readers without an autistic child to brighten their lives, that was a WOW moment worthy of Snoopy dancing and deep pressure hugs!


LAA and Family said...

Pamela's phone call is fantastic! Isn't it just great when they do something on their own like this for the first time!? Samuel has been surprising us this summer by verbally sharing his thoughts and feelings.

I'm sure you have felt quite lost without your computer, but at the same time maybe it has been a nice break for you too. At least you know the end of your time with a computer is in sight now!

The Glasers said...

Steve could not get over her initiative. After Pamela handed the phone to him, he emphatically insisted, "I did not put her up to it! I swear. I look at her through the window, and there she is, making a call on her cell phone like she had done it all her life." He was floored!

I am getting through more books than usual lately and made it through The War of the Worlds and The Island of Dr. Moreau by H. G. Wells plus the new Harry Potter book. I want to get through The Time Machine next to finish off a three-in-one H. G. Wells book that has been sitting on my pile of books to read for quite some time.

Mary said...

Blown away! Marvelous! I am celebrating with you!

Niffercoo said...

I had to chuckle at the comment about not asking what was for dinner! Austin is asking what is for dinner as soon as breakfast is finished. I used to post a weekly menu, but he would memorize it and freak out if there were deviations. Also, he would recite the menu during the day. This was only a few months ago! I hadn't heard of any other kids who asked about dinner!

Which color laptop did you get? I got an Inspiron 1505 in January, and I was teasing my dh that now I wanted a pretty pink one instead! :)

Can't wait until you're online regularly again!

MasterpieceMom said...

What a beautiful moment!! Isn't it great that the "first 6 years" theory can be proven soooo wrong?!?

Congratulations on the new 'puter too. I'm a little jealous. :oP

The Glasers said...

Thanks, Mary!! It's been awhile since we chatted. I hope all is well with you and your crew!

Jennifer, there was a time when I had to limit Pamela to three meals in advance. I would not let her push me beyond that envelope. What of the first questions she learned was, "What's for . . .?"

We went with jet-black because I am not paying $50 for a special color. Although, it would have been fun to get pink as David uses my laptop!

Dawn, Pamela is living proof that the "6yo or bust" theory is dead. For folks who do not get that, the experts preach to families of autistic children that, if children are not on track by the magical age of 6, the window of neural plasticity--which allows them to learn critical skills--is gone. In other words, all is lost!

The Autism Express said...

that IS a big wow! hey there tammy! i am so glad to have found your blog. i am on your support group and have been for years. this is diane also living in the south, and my son is jacob who is eleven. i just started a website and i would love it if you could visit. i definitely wish to link to you!

my site address is:

i just started it so it is bare bones.

Niffercoo said...

Ick, I didn't realize you had to pay extra for the pretty colors! That's annoying!

Enjoy your new "toy", and getting used to Vista!