Thursday, January 17, 2008

Extra! Extra! Oatmeal: Back on the Menu!

Good news!

A long-time, veteran listmate at Aut-2B-Home has family members with celiac disease so she has to be vigilant about staying gluten-free. She reported today that Bob's Red Mill is offering two kinds of GLUTEN-FREE oatmeal: gluten-free rolled oats and gluten-free steel cut oats! (Thank you, Sherri!!!)


. . . blueberry cobbler for breakfast

. . . meatballs for lunch

. . . granola for a snack

. . . meatloaf for dinner

. . . oatmeal cookies for dessert!

I quote:
Gluten-sensitive consumers have avoided commercially grown oats because they can be subject to cross-contact with gluten-containing grains during planting, harvest, transport, milling and packaging.

To solve this dilemma and provide a beloved food (used for breads, cookies, cakes, breakfasts and more) to the 3 million Americans diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Bob's Red Mill has sourced oats from more than 200 pedigree-seed oat farmers dedicated to growing pure oats.

Once harvested, the oats undergo testing to meet the R5 ELISA standards, a rigorous test for the presence of gluten. Only oats that pass this test are shipped to Bob's Red Mill. They are again tested before they are packaged in the company's dedicated gluten free facility. Batch testing is performed once more after packaging.

Snoopy dancing in South Carolina!


JamBerry said...

But SLY is allergic to oats!!! WAH!!!! Well, I suppose Jman could still have some. But oats make Sly NUTS! It's unreal!

Sherri said...

You're welcome, Tammy!

I'm just sorry I didn't think to post it until someone else brought the subject up. . . .

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law loves the steel-cut oats and she is a very sensitive celiac. Love,love,love your wonderful recipes. Sincerely, dianeG.

kyra said...

yay! that's good to know. i'm excited for you!!

i remember being very surprised when i learned the skinny on oats. i had mistakenly assumed they were GF for nearly half the time we were GFCF.

Robyn said...

Hey Tammy,
Can you leave me the name of the book your reading? I ordered it from the library but they lost it...I am having to work with Michalea on her social cues..she wont talk to other people and it's so hard, Pamela is doing so good. Ive been in and out of the hospital with dd-20 she is due new website
Have a great weekend and try to stay warm!!!

Niffercoo said...

I'm so happy for you Tammy! We just had oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies a couple of weeks ago! YUMMY! You need to start with those! :) Jen

Heart of Wisdom said...

Congratulations! This morning I awarded you the EXCELLENT BLOG AWARD.

You can pick up the award at

Thank you for all your encouraging posts.


The Glasers said...

Jamberry, your house sounds like mine. Where one loves, another has allergies. Where one hates, another loves. I can find no happy medium, so I cook simple and fast.

Sherri and Diane, this is reassuring that celiacs can handle these oats!

Robyn, Awakening Children's Minds. It would be a great read for you between all of your children and grandchildren. I hope you survived all that snow . . .

Jen, hmm. . . . chocolate . . . uh, will drooling mess up a laptop!

Robin, you are too kind! I read your blog daily because I too enjoy being pulled up with encouragement. How fun!

Robin Sampson said...

I don't think I could do G Free without oatmeal. Its my new stable. I visited today to find our more about "The Prodigal God" by Timothy Keller (just bought the Kindle Edition)

and see you guys are Gfree too. Only a month for me-- just in time for unleavened bread LOL.

The Glasers said...

Robin, Pamela is GF. The rest of us can handle it. BTW, you might find my post on Thanksgiving helpful next November. The pumpkin pie is AWESOME!