Thursday, September 25, 2008

Head Cold Hiatus

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I am sorry but I have to postpone the rest of the Association Method overview until next week thanks to one nasty head cold. David came down with it two weeks ago, and Pamela did the same last week. Is it already Thursday? I have lost track of time! I had a slight sore throat that did not worsen until I woke up on Sunday morning. From that day on, I have been one drippy, congested mess. Since the health food store is a half-hour drive, I had to make due with what I had on hand to slay this cold.

I felt so bad Tuesday night I was beginning to doubt I could fly to New Orleans on Friday for the debut of the Princess Dress. I sent out prayer requests to my email list friends and started steaming out my sinuses with hot water following up with saline nasal spray. After periodic steamings, I finally settled down at three in the morning and spent the rest of Wednesday sleeping off and on between steamings, except for a two-hour window in which I found out said princess dress was NOT ready (GRRRR), the kids got hair cuts, and we shopped for shoes and a rehearsal dinner outfit for Pamela. I went back on the steam cycle and lots of prayers and finally slept the entire night, starting at about ten. I woke up once or twice to sip on some juice and did not get up until six in the morning.

Today is Thursday (ALREADY?). I slept soundly all night and woke up with a fairly clear head (mild congestion), but I have air flowing through each nostril!!!! While it does not compare to the parting of the Red Sea, it qualifies as a miracle from God to me! Air flow! Semi-clear head! No headache! No fever! No muscle aches! Thank you, God!

I got up at my usual time (six in the morning) and Pamela came up to me while I was sitting at the computer. She said, "Tammy!" I turned to her and she said, "I'm so sorry." I asked, "About what?" She held my hands and said, "About your cold." Later today, at the mall, I grumbled about feeling bad, and she squeezed my arm and kissed it! She was very attentive to me in the car: when I needed my purse, she handed it to me. At one point, the strap got wrapped around the handle I grab to adjust the seat. I got so frustrated and leaned back to take a breather, so she leaned over and patiently undid it for me. WOW! That is what RDI is doing for our family in a nutshell!

The good news is that I think I can fly tomorrow! The bad news I faced a lengthy to-do list. I managed to do the items in red in less than five hours (including a one-hour round trip in the car):
  • Take the dogs to the kennel.
  • Beg Mom to hem Pamela's pants (she's a great quilter so it is easy for her).
  • Pick up dry cleaning.
  • Pick up the Princess Dress and bolero jacket.
  • Buy shoes, hose, and bras for Pamela (I couldn't find any yesterday).
  • Buy three outfits, hose, and bras for me!
  • Pick up Nature's Way HAS which cured my last sinus infection.
  • Pack our bags smartly.
  • Finish the laundry.

David has been a great sport and asset to me. He narrated several books and typed others to get some homeschooling done. He took care of the dogs, did the dishes, wiped counters, made beds, and cooked for Pamela and himself. He carried around laundry baskets when I was too achy to do it myself. He even did disgusting things like put away people's clean underwear in their drawers (apparently this requires major handwashing--LOL). Poor David faced the worst injustice today. He sat in the back of our tiny Kia with our two dogs, Loa ("Driving Miss Daisy") and Arwen ("Driving Miss Daisy Crazy"). As a reward, I let him cut loose in the mall. When I was ready to shop for me, I asked him to sit with Pamela (who was sick of shopping at that point), who was holding her two babies (not dolls, babies). Any teenaged brother who will do that for his older autistic sister is a superhero in my book!

Here's our haul, in case you want to see it (except for the ladies unmentionables because this blog is rated-G):

Princess Dress and Bolero Jacket

Dress and Rehearsal Dinner Duds

Digs to Go with the Duds

Queen Mum Attire

What Keeps Queen Mum's Nose from Running

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LAA and Family said...

Very nice clothes! I hope that you have a fantastic time at your niece's wedding! Is the east coast storm going to affect you in any way?

I'm glad to hear you're getting over your cold. We've been fighting things here all week. So far only my eldest son has fallen victim.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you're on the mend, and I hope you're well soon. Those outfits are lovely.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

This HAS stuff... what is it supposed to do? I don't like colds... I do the "shoot salt water up my nose" deal already -- but if I can do that less often, I'd be happy to try something new! Ü

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. David is a superhero. Good luck with all you have to do and hope you feel better. I am eager to hear the details when you get back. Sincerely, dianeG.

poohder said...

So glad you are better!! Isn't it great when our auties have enough perspective to see others needs. I remember vividly when my dd first "thought of others". We were in her little twin bed and I was beginning to read to her and she said," I'll scoot over Mom and make more room for you". It is forever cemented in my mind. AND... how great is David for stepping up for you and being a great brother to Pamela!
BRAVO David!
PS have a great trip!JUNE29TH

poohder said...

Sorry for the JUNE29th I accidentally typed at the end of my comment. It was NOT intended to be there LOL Feel free to delete it.

Niffercoo said...

Tammy, I'm glad you're feeling better! I hope the wedding will be wonderful! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return home!

Sonya said...

Praising the Lord with you for your health! Hurrah! Will be praying for your trip and especially for Pamela in the midst of all the activity.

Robyn said...

Hey Tammy- Hope your feeling better, make sure to get some garlic ( odorless) at the health food store- I get natural factors garlic factors with a lott of allicillin in it and it helps me fight off colds/allergies etc. Also Jaque Dixon has a great recipe for ZOOT I think its called. Have a great weekend!!!

The Glasers said...

LAA, we escaped the nor'easter and are safely ensconced in the Big Easy.

Thanks for all of the home remedy ideas for my next cold! I did survived two flights without any ruptured eardrums! Snoopy dancing for God on that one, now that the vertigo has stopped.

I appreciate the warm wishes and prayers for our trip. So far, so good!