Monday, March 02, 2009

Pamela Hits Her Funny Bone

Last Friday was one topsy-turvy day. Steve felt like he was coming down with our cold that morning. He planned on running to sweat out the toxins, or die trying. Instead of leaving at six in the morning to appease the boss (Pamela), Steve managed to stall for an hour and a half. Pamela was concerned, but much milder than we saw last Friday. Whenever she started to lose control, she began thinking of that silly woman at the Hong Kong airport and end up giggling and laughing in spite of herself.

Steve came back from the run, debating whether or not to go to work. He decided to gas up the car but could not find his wallet. After a careful search, he called his office and found out the wallet pulled an over-nighter at work. Rather than bring up the ugly topic of Steve staying home, I excitedly let Pamela know that she and I were going on a road trip all the way to Charleston to run errands. She was game for the drive and ended up not minding that WE went to Charleston, while STEVE stayed home.

The upshot of it all is that Pamela survived her topsy-turvy day by tickling her funny bone. To encode her resilience into episodic memory, we talked about how well she did later that night. You can see her laughing at the Chinese woman near the end of the clip.

Pamela hit her funny bone really hard yesterday. She rocked herself and cried out in pain. I said sympathetically, "Oh, you hit your funny bone! That hurts! I'm sorry." Pamela looked like she was ready to start melting down and suddenly she laughed and said, "The Chinese lady!" She again giggled her way out of a storm.


BJ said...

Wow! What a wonderful break-through for Pamela. The joy radiating in her expression in this clip is contagious :)

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

love this!!!!