Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JC RIP Deathday Party

Here at Aut-2B-Home in Carolina, we go where angels fear to tread.

We try to learn Spanish while English is being still learned as a first language.

We read poetry and teach vocabulary with nary a worksheet in sight.

We are NOT afraid of Plutarch or the bard.

We are in the middle of Act I, Scene II of Julius Caesar.

Why Caesar? Because Pamela likes him!

We have been reading some Plutarch for more background information and have been previewing the BBC version of this play. Then, we tackle reading a scene or half together. Pamela loves it as you will see in the still-shot and video coverage of our first annual JC RIP Deathday Party. I baked a semi-red velvet cake that is red-dye free, gluten-free, and casein-free in honor of the occasion. Yum! (Seriously, it was delicious.)

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Anonymous said...

Good job Pamela! Thank you for sharing this video with us Tammy! Hugs to both of you and have a piece of cake for me! ~Paula Stauffer