Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hearing Journey Bunny Story

Random Thoughts:
  • Thanks to Queen Mum, we might be receiving some money for RDI therapy! See if you have any missing money!
  • David's youth group made the paper for fixing up the trailer of a needy elderly lady in town: picture and story. Somehow, David evaded the reporter, but I told him to keep Matthew 6:1-4 in mind!
  • I cracked up reading Thurber's opinion of Freud in one of our AmblesideOnline--which has a new look--books The Thurber Carnival. If I post the title of the essay, I might lose my blog's G-rating, so you can read the chapter here!
  • My fingers are tired from crocheting some baby surprises for friends with child. My niece is due on November 11, but we are not sure what that makes me. I am her aunt, but I have no idea what that makes me to her child.
  • Two exciting movies are coming soon: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and Prince Caspian!
  • Yesterday, Pamela and I sat on our sunny, delightful back porch rockers, doing school work. We loved seeing all of our feathered friends in action: a brilliant male Northern Cardinal, Northern Mockingbird, a House Finch husband and wife team at the bird bath, two feisty Bluejays, a flock of Chipping Sparrows, noisy American Crows, Common Grackles galore, and a Carolina Wren (FINALLY).
  • Pamela's latest self-imposed research project is on time zones. She is learning all of the time zones of all fifty states. She does understand what they mean, too!
Back to the Bunny Story:
Awhile back, my friend Queen Mum told me about Hearing Journey, a website for people with cochlear implants that provides free weekly and monthly activities. I have gotten so much mileage. While I rarely use the resources as suggested, I definitely find them useful. One of our favorite activities the site posts in the preschool section from time to time are wordless books. I cut them up into cards, and we flip through the cards. Before showing her one card, we play a guessing game until she guesses the topics. I usually give her a couple of clues. Then, I show her the first card, which she narrates. Before flipping to the next card, she has to guess what might happen next. Every book has six pages.

Before Easter, we read a story about a bunny. I posted a picture here because the activity is no longer available (TIP: Download the ones with potential so you can do them when time permits). The funny thing was Pamela thought the bunny had injured its foot and needed to see a doctor. She did not realize until near the end that the bunny's foot was dirty. I am including a video clip per page because we both enjoyed this experience with many wonderfully warm moments. If your time is limited, page four was the highlight, heart-warming, tissue moment for me!

Page 1 of the Wordless Bunny Book

Page 2 of the Wordless Bunny Book

Page 3 of the Wordless Bunny Book

Page 4 of the Wordless Bunny Book
My Numero Uno Favorite Clip!!!!!

Page 5 of the Wordless Bunny Book

Page 6 of the Wordless Bunny Book


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Hooray!!! Another Narnia movie... I'm going to make my kiddos read (or re-read) the book first. Thanks for the heads up!!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

i didn't have time to do all the clips because i was so excitied to send to a local autism group yahoo.. that I am on... this is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "How to use a wordless book 101." (the group is everyday miracles in case you get some tracking come in that way..)


The Glasers said...

Amy, For the benefit of your friend, I will add that these techniques are a blend:

Charlotte Mason - Oral Narration with the book closed.

The Association Method - Syntax-oriented questions with the book open.

Relationship Development Intervention - Warm tone, emotion sharing, nonverbal cues when her syntax is off, predicting the next page.

Robyn said...

Hey Tammy,
Pamela is making such great progress...your a great teacher!!! How do you use the AO with special needs? Or how do you adapt? Michalea is having so much trouble with her multiplication facts, and Math U See is a little overwhelming. Can you help me or direct me on using the AO? I would like to use it for my dd- 16 next year too, sometimes with special needs kids like 2 of mine its hard to understand how to use it. Have a great weekend.

MasterpieceMom said...


If I've understood you correctly, you're about to become a Great Aunt!!!