Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: The Anti-Martha Stewart (Mea Culpa)


The Glasers said...

Yes, it was me! I did it!

Yes, it was stupid!

Yes, I found some links to help, and I love the one that says "Try not to get ink on your clothes."

OH, REALLY! Why didn't I think of that!!!!!

Julee said...

Oh, I see you've been working on making blue polka dot terry towels, very nice! ;)

poohder said...

OH NO!!! try hair spray? It has worked with ink in the past, but it usually works best with fresh stains.
OH Man!! So sorry Rhonda

Anonymous said...

I've used hair spray before too. Be prepared to use a lot! A cheap can of aerosol. Who knows? Good luck. Sincerely, dianeG.

The Glasers said...

Never fear! My friend Brenda (the monogrammer) and I came up with Plan B. Sew a tag saying "Ines" on one side and "Handmade by Tammy Glaser, 2008" on the other. Since the stain is on the edge and slightly centered, that will work too!!!

The Glasers said...

Julee, yes, I have a thing for dressing up old white wash rags . . . Laughing is better than crying!

The good news is that the spot is out between hairspray (Poohder and Diane), alcohol (for the blanket, not for me), and the Carbona stuff I bought at the Piggly Wiggly.