Saturday, October 27, 2007

Past Times

Pamela has been practicing past tense all week, and I am thrilled with how many irregular past tense verbs she knows without being explicitly taught! Today, I made a list of 131 irregular past tense verbs. During the next two weeks, I plan to type up sentences with the verb missing and instruct her to fill in the blank with the past tense form of the irregular verb given. Before we move to past tense questions, I want to know what irregular verbs trouble her so that I can work them into our daily association method efforts. If she were struggling, I would linger on past tense. She is not! She already knows so many irregular verbs that she is ready to move on once I catalog them.

Most readers have no idea how huge this is for Pamela. For the past three years, we have been working very hard on syntax and I was dreading past tense verbs because so many of them are irregular. I had worried that we would be doing them for months because children with aphasia are notoriously poor guessers when it comes to recalling the quirks of language. This tells me she has managed to pick up irregular verbs all on her own without any help!

YIPPEE!!! Major Snoopy Dancing here in Carolina!


Mary said...

This is huge, Tammy. She has been learning these all along, picking them up without the block of aphasia. How wonderful that she won't have so many to memorize and keep memorized.

JEMD1966 said...

Yeah! Pamela will never cease to amaze us all. It's it funny how the things we dread the most often don't turn out so bad!

LAA and Family said...


Niffercoo said...

Tammy, I am so excited for you and Pamela! What comes next after the past tense verbs are behind you?


walking said...

Jennifer, it is a long-winded answer to your question so I just devoted an entire post to it. Thanks for the kick start.