Sunday, June 29, 2008

Princess Dress Diaries and Pretty Sandwiches

This is the first installment of the Princess Dress Diaries.

One thing I love about RDI is how you can turn almost anything into working on objectives. The key is how to frame the activity and figure out roles. . . .

Last Thursday, I blogged about how squeezed I am for time right now. One thing after another seems to be popping into my schedule, making me feel sandwiched between one deadline or another. I scheduled our sixth and final RDA for Monday and had no video to show for myself! I am also wrapping up my article for ChildLightUSA due on Tuesday.

Yesterday, before lunch, Pamela and I made a run to the formal dress shop in town--a new experience for Pamela as she has not worn a dress in about eight years! Pamela's cousin is getting married in September and hopes Pamela will enjoy playing a little part in her special day. Since being a member of the bridal party may be too much pressure, she can hand out brochures about the chapel to the visitors (a wonderful assembly line pattern to help Pamela stay regulated). She gets to pick out a dress, dubbed the princess dress to fire Pamela's imagination for the role. Like all of the bridesmaids, she can wear a grape-colored taffeta dress in a style of her choosing. The picture to the left shows the correct color and material. Pamela has many choices in style: straps or strapless, belt or beltess, and even length if it became a major issue for her. You can see the possibilities below!

Before leaving for the shop, I filmed us talking about the dresses. First, I hoped it would prepare her for the visit. Second, I wanted to collect some footage for our consultant. The funny thing is that, during the interaction, I felt a little frustrated because Pamela kept wanting to end the conversation before we had covered everything. I was NOT paying attention to all of her wonderful gestures, which was the WHOLE POINT of the activity. Pamela was getting frustrated with me about three minutes into the clip. A body language expert would pick up my annoyance when I crossed my arms. The wonderful thing is how Pamela realizes she must concentrate! WOW! I loved that insight into her understanding of a thinking process. That is why videotaping interactions can be so enlightening! The clip below shows our little chat:

After lunch, while I tapping out my thoughts on the computer, I took a phone call from someone from my church. An elderly gentleman in our church died last week and the food committee asked me to make ham and cheese and/or pimento cheese spread sandwiches for the funeral to be held Sunday. Why sandwiches? Well, I suspect my reputation as a culinary expert must have preceeded me! As I had not viewed our footage from the princess dress diaries and thought it lacking, I decided to film Pamela and I making two loaves of sandwiches for the funeral.

Today, we spent about twenty minutes today slapping together our contribution for the church. Whether or not we needed video for our consultant, I was so glad to have company while putting together the spread! By the way, I can already guess what my consultant is going to tell me . . .


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Bonnie said...

I can't wait to see the dress.

poohder said...

It is so wonderful to see so much non verbal communication emerging in Pamela!

walking said...

I can't wait to see if we survive without a wardrobe malfunction!

Rhonda, I love the nonverbals too!!!!

Mama Skates said...

tammy - i love the idea of video taping ur interaction with's great that u can go back and see the nonverbals that maybe u didn't notice during ur convo with lady! ;0)


walking said...

I cannot take credit for that idea, Sharon. That's what the RDI folks encourage parents to do!!!!