Thursday, July 10, 2008

Princess Dress--Ordered!

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Last Tuesday, Pamela and I went back to the dress shop to place the order for a dress and two yards of material to make a little jacket to go with the dress. Pamela did very well in allowing the shop owner to measure her. The dress should arrive at the end of August--plenty of time for alterations. Once we have the dress fitted, we will head to the mall and purchase a comfortable, yet supportive bra that works with the straps. The next thing on my to-do list is to find a pair of flat shoes to go with the dress!

I do not believe in coincidences because I believe in God. So, I thanked God that this shop, in a town with population 4,025 (and a high rate of beauty pageant contestants), carried the exact dress (the black leftmost dress) in the exact color (grape) and the exact material (taffeta) we plan to order--only one size too small! Pamela tried on the dress, but I was not able to zip it completely. At least, the dress gave us an idea on how it will look on Pamela.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Tammy,
I found your Aut-2-be-home site few days ago and I can't tell you how helpful I've found it. Our eldest son, who is four, was just recently diagnosed with autism. We live in the UK where things run slower due to long waiting lists and such. I have ordered the books your recommend by Catherine Maurice. I have a ton of questions: Did you do the therapy yourself, or hired a therapist? how many hours a day did you invest in the therapy?
Another question is regarding the diet. I thought I had started my son on it, by omitting the casein for this week, but i used soya milk which really isn't that much different than really not much accomplished in that sense.
I have been reading about zinc, vit B6/magnesium, and enzymes ..and i was thinking if I should give that a go before the diet, as you recommend to try one intervention at a time. Do you have an experience in these, and if so what were the dosages you used? I'm sorry to dump all these questions at you, I just think that your experience on this journey has made you very wise in such matters.
Thank you for your very informative blog. Pamela is a star!!

walking said...

Hi Maria!!!

I am so glad you've found Aut-2B-Home helpful--I enjoy helping people find creative ways to work with their autism spectrum children.

I did not do much with ABA and am not current on the lastest and greatest. Here are a couple of helpful links: ABA Resources, ABA Overview, and Teaching Children with Autism.

Right now, I am doing RDI and the focus is lifestyle (working on objectives through daily interactions, typical activities, and specially framed activities).

The key about diet is GENTLE. Some kids suffer from withdrawal symptoms, much like a drug addict, so slow is good. With casein, that means removing any and all dairy products. Then, you slowly work through removing various kinds of gluten. I saw results fairly quickly, but some kids can take three months or longer.

I would do the diet before the other stuff. Diet tends to help more kids than the supplements. The supplements will enhance the diet if that is what he needs. Autism Research Institute has lots of information about supplements and other biomedical approaches. Plus, they have the ATEC, a free tool you can use to help you assess the effectiveness of whatever intervention you try!

Blessings on your journey! You are off to a great start, Maria!!!

Anonymous said...

That dress is going to be gorgeous! I bet Pamela is going to be thrilled. I am glad she did so well with the fitting. That can be tough. :-)

Blessings -- S

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

The dress is very pretty. Pamela will look great in it!! And I enjoyed looking at the links in your blog.

walking said...

Stephanie, this whole thing could be tough . . . but so far, Pamela wants to do it!

Mrs. C., my niece is the one with the good taste! :-)

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see a photo of the finished product. What memories you are creating...

You are doing a great job Mom. Ü