Sunday, November 04, 2012

Feast for the Eyes

Many gentle readers have been following Pamela's growth as a watercolor artist, but, in case you have not, clicking this link will catch you up. For two years in a row, Pamela has attended Lake Marion Artisan's annual open house, where her work is featured among the student display. Pamela takes classes there once a week with her wonderful teacher, Carrie Detwiler, pictured with Pamela below.

As always, we offered a "before" versus an "after" example of how far Pamela has come.

Before (Spring 2010)

After (Beginning of 2012)

Christmas Gift for Oma and Opa

Christmas Gift for Grandma and Grandpa

More Paintings from the Past Couple of Months


Annie Eskeldson said...

Pamela ~ my sweet friend, your art is so beautiful! It brings tears to my eyes to know how hard you have worked to allow this beauty to flow through you. Thank you for your inspiration!! My little girl has very weak hands. She also used to cry and get terribly upset about drawing or writing. She too has overcome so much!! I know one day her art can be as beautiful as yours. You always inspire us to keep on trying. Bless you!! You have amazing purpose on this earth sweet one.

Bright Side of Life said...

I remember when Pamela started her art class and I have loved watching her progress.... her pictures are wonderful.

Sylvia Phillips said...

These pieces are beautiful!
I especially love dragon fly and the water melon!