Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Before we bought a digital camera, I lived with clip art for Pamela's speech therapy stories. Good clip art was hard too find because I never could find exactly what I wanted. That is why I love googling images. More often than not, I can find the perfect image for a story.

Take today for example. This week I am introducing the possessive pronouns, his, her, and its. I am also introducing patterns on clothing and other material: striped, plaid, flowery, solid, and print--try finding free clip art for that! Pamela loves Disney, so I googled "Minnie Mouse" for images. Of 24,500 images that hit, I found toys in which Mickey's gal wore three different outfits: polka dot print, flowery, and bridal. For each image, I right clicked the picture at the web site and pasted it into the personal description story.

Here is one of the three personal description stories about Minnie Mouse's clothing. The color-coding focuses Pamela on the new syntax for the week.
Polka Dot Print Story

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Mary said...

Tammy, I have been learning from you for many years on ways to improve our homeschool experience. I will surely be using google images thanks to this post. Pamela and David are so lucky that you are really imaginative when it comes to figuring out how to meet a current need.