Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where's Betsy?

The personal description story about Betsy was a hit! Today, we got together, but only Amy came. Pamela waited five minutes before asking Amy, "Where's Betsy?" Amy explained that she was getting her eyes checked at the eye doctor.

I nearly fell off the sofa because usually Pamela does not seem to notice new acquaintances for a long time. Last spring, Pamela participated in a church musical. At the time, we had been faithfully going to services every Sunday for the previous six months. Our pastor directed the performance, and I never thought to remind Pamela of the pastor's name, which is in every single bulletin Sunday after Sunday. At the first rehearsal, Pamela wanted to know how long it would take, so she yelled, "Hey, woman! How many minutes?"

Pamela and I in CostumeAt that point, I wrote a Social Story about rehearsals and included Pastor Debra's name. Even reading her name several times was not enough. Pamela would come up with variations like "Abra Ca Debra" and "Ca Debra". She still is not solid on the pastor's name after all this time.

Today, Amy and Pamela played another round of animal riddle game. Amy totally stumped Pamela with a platypus. She went through every single animal in the Outback, except that odd-looking mammal.

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