Thursday, May 17, 2007

Give Her the Oscar!

Pamela asked what was for dinner tonight and did not find my answer pleasing. She did not unleash a tantrum, which is her typical modus operandus. Instead of showing raw emotion, she walked up to me and deliberately made a frowny face with wrinkled brows (not the natural look of disgust that spreads across her face when she helps me knead dough). She made this fake, phony face (if you saw it, you would know it was a put-on) and said, "Pamela hates meat. I want hot dogs." It was such a bad acting job, but I loved it because she was trying so hard to convince me with her facial expression.

So, I just had to give her the Oscar . . . Mayer for her performance!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy, I feel like I am supposed to let you know about this. It has absolutely NOTHING
to do with your recent post. But I
was wondering if you have saw Harvest Mom's list of laundry and
dishwasher ideas. They are on the
files section of either the RDI-MidAtlantic or RDI Homeschoolers.
But they are awesome and might give you some more RDI ammunition. Rhonda or

Willa said...

How cute! I am getting a lot out of your RDI posts. My Aidan is younger than Pamela but working on some of the same types of relationship things. I don't completely understand RDI yet but the real-life examples are helping.

Anonymous said...

That's so great! We are still trying to have faces or words instead of the tantrums. I am so happy for you both! Being civil is so hard to do, even for NT people.

We have just started with RDI and also are without a consultant. So far, we're just working on declarative language and slowing down. I find it's easier to do with my 3yo NT because it's only natural to speak to him in such a fashion due to his age. Right now, it feels hokey with my 9yo & 6yo. Hopefully, that will pass. When I slow down, my 9yo, HFA, tends to give me much more eye-contact.