Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Avoid this Photoblogpost around Mealtimes!

In honor of Pamela beginning the photobiography Always Inventing, I wrote this photoblogpost about lessons learned from dissection. We have been dragging our feet on the four dissections included in the Apologia biology book for months. David and I finally mustered up the courage and just did it!

Here are my lessons learned:
1. Dissecting is not as disgusting to me as it was in high school.
2. Lighting vanilla scented candles might be the reason why.
3. Imagining you are viewing really good graphics or that the specimen is made of plastic squelches any waves of nausea.
4. The usefulness of hot, stuffy masks is inversely proportional to the time spent dissecting (see pictures four and six).
5. Sloppy cutting makes a huge mess (yes, I helped and it still was a mess).
6. Earthworm poop looks like dirt. Oh, wait, it IS dirt!


LAA and Family said...

What did David think of all of this? Judging from the photos it looks like he was quite interested! My oldest happened to be in the room when I looked at this and was wondering what was going on. Little does he know we'll be doing these kinds of things at home in a few years!

The Glasers said...

He did better than I did at that age. . . although we had no warm-up. We went straight to frog! He made this comment in his lab report, "I found dissecting an earthworm cool because we got to see the all the parts that we have studied."

I am surprised at how much he liked it. Five years ago, when we lived in Alaska, some friends brought by king crab. I did not expect the critters to be ALIVE. David took one look, ran screaming bloody murder into his room, and refused to come out until they were safely boiling in the pot! He has come a long way . . .