Sunday, September 30, 2007

"New Way of Approaching Autism"--DUH!

I just read an article called Scientists Make Gut-Brain Connection to Autism. In a nutshell, scientists at the University of Western Ontario have found that some bacteria produce propionic acid in the gut, a compound which just happens to be found in bread and dairy products. Rats begin to exhibit autistic-like behavior when given doses of propionic acid and develop inflammation of the brain. They go on to say that addressing health ought to be the first step in addressing autism and that behavior therapy alone is insufficient.


I really have to giggle at reading the subtitle "New Way of Approaching Autism" . . .


Let me think. I started tinkering with Pamela's diet in April 1994--well over thirteen years ago when I uncovered a connection between apples and insomnia. The reason why I became interested in diet was because of the Autism Research Institute. Dear old Dr. Bernard Rimland, may he rest in peace, had been beating that drum from the very beginning of his newsletter, Autism Research Review International. His editorial on autism and food allergies written in 1989 is what got me started on Pamela's first elimination diet in 1994. His cutting-edge recommendations for a gluten-free casein-free diet began as early as 1992. His informative newsletter was what jump-started parents like me in the days before the Internet. Dr. William Shaw begin reporting on a variety of compounds produced by bacteria and yeast in the gut as early as the 1994 ASA Conference in Las Vegas (I was there!), and you can read his thoughts on propionic acid presented at the 1996 conference.


I just hope this validates Dr. Andrew Wakefield who has been persecuted by the medical junta in England because he dared to go beyond the gut-brain connection to vaccinations. All I can say is Britain's loss is our gain!

P. S. I have spent the month updating my web pages. I just finished updating my autism-homeschooling page and added a section with inspirational books both about autism and off the beaten path. Pamela's page and my Charlotte Mason page are current, too!

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