Friday, September 14, 2007

A Great Day for Autism!

Pamela had a great day when it comes to personal relationships.

First, we drove to the office that processes our homeschooling paperwork, and it just so happens that the lady who runs it homeschools her autistic 18yo son, too. So, when Pamela asked to play with the "time machine" (hourglass), spun the globe, and rocked in the rocking chair, she smiled and remarked, "She reminds me of my son!" Pamela was comfortable enough to comment how the “time machine” reminded her of The Wizard of Oz. She pointed to South America and, when asked, said it reminded her of Kon-Tiki.

Then, we went to Wal-Mart. Earlier in the week, Pamela asked me what RDI was because she saw it on her schedule. I told her it was the game therapy we do. While scanning at the self-check out, Pamela looked at me, smiled, and announced, "I'm doing RDI!"

Then, I took my two teens to get haircuts. The hair stylist completely "got" Pamela, and, by the end of the hair cutting session, this kindred spirit was playing along with Pamela's word games as if they were bosom buddies. Most people are puzzled or back off, but this stylist was wonderful. Pamela was thrilled that a stranger knew how to play.

On the way home, Pamela was very communicative and told me something new. She has been reviewing her life often lately because she has been writing her autobiography in her journal. She told me today that the reason why she broke her arm in the bathroom in 1997 was that she was pretending to skate. Apparently, the floor was wet, so she was trying to take advantage of the slick surface.

Steve beat us to the house. Pamela walked into the house and yelled happily, "Daddy!" She walked up to him and gave him the biggest bear hug ever. He could not get over her delighted reaction to seeing him at home!


Niffercoo said...

What a wonderful day for you and Pamela!

LAA and Family said...

It is so wonderful when a child communicates and shares his feelings with you, and it is all the more wonderful when one of your autistic children does it! It's also terrific when you come across circumstances out in the community when others are accepting of your autistic child and reach out to them the way the hairstylist did.

I'm really amazed that Pamela was able to tell you about the accident that happened 10 years ago. I'm hoping that some day there are some things Samuel will be able to explain to us!!

What a terrific day!