Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pamela's Typical Day

I plan to blog typical homeschool days and, later, detailed information about what I am calling "Guided Reading" and "Guided Written Narration". Last week, Pamela and I followed this outline fairly well considering I had major time eaters unexpectedly dumped upon me. Pamela is an early riser, so she usually starts her math on her own BEFORE eight o'clock. The activities in green are the ones she does independently.

08:00 AM Math: Making Math Meaningful Level 6

09:00 AM Guided Reading (one chapter, two books):
Tom Sawyer, Good-Bye, Mr. Chips

10:00 AM Language Arts: Copywork/Studied Dictation/Recitation/Grammar or Spelling Lesson

10:15 AM Guided Written Narration (two books from yesterday):
The Winged Watchman, The Brendan Voyage

10:45 AM Art: Candlewicking/Picture Study

11:00 AM RDI games and lifestyle activities

12:00 AM Break
01:00 PM Lunch

01:30 PM Association Method:
Oral Work and Written Work

03:00 PM Guided Reading (two books):
The Winged Watchman (one chapter)
The Brendan Voyage (a few pages)
Language Arts related to the books

04:45 PM Rehearse choir piece for Sunday

04:55 PM Exercise for five minutes on the elliptical

I put the schedule in Excel and check it off as we go. I circle tasks we failed to accomplished to remind me to make them up. Pamela with her sequential orderly mind wants to finish the list and cooperates with me to get finish off the list.

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