Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome to the House of Education!

Pamela's answer to the outdoor life is to sit on the back porch and work on a rocking chair. She soaks up the fresh air, undeterred by heat or mosquitoes. We do nearly all of her schoolwork here, and she loves learning in the company of blue jays, cardinals, and squirrels. One morning about a month ago, I sat there with her reading while she licked a popsicle she made out of orange juice. Suddenly, a hummingbird flitted about six inches from her icy treat and decided to forgo the frozen treat!

David just started his first year of AmblesideOnline's House of Education. We are doing a blend of the less intense versions of Year 7 and Year 8. We school year round and should be able to fit both years into one. Today things ran quite smoothly, but every school year starts out with zest and energy. Once I see whether or not the new schedule is working, I will share it. David is looking up his current events articles for the day. Unlike Pamela, David has no favorite spot to learn. He reads in the office, in his bedroom, and in the living room. He does his table and computer work here, there, and everywhere. Occasionally, Mr. Random actually studies in the homeschool room or at the desk in his bedroom. Which causes me to ask . . . why is my homeschool room nothing more than a place to store books, files, and the exercise machine?

I am excited for many reasons. I have a shiny new laptop. I am not in the process of moving or unpacking, nor do I see it in the near future. I live in a house that no longer needs major renovation (and attention from me). Steve gave me a sweet espresso machine. What more could a homeschooling mom want?


Mary said...

Homeschool life is sweet! Glad you aren't moving anywhere and glad you have a lovely home to live in. More time for living and learning!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. People can NOT believe that I am homeschooling my son. He is severe and difficult, but the rewards are amazing. You give me hope. thank you. (He has started writing.) Something we thought was not possible. What are your plans for Pamela after age 21? Will you keep teaching her? Home college? You all are such an inspiration. Sincerely, diane G.

The Glasers said...


All I can say ignorant people know not of what they speak!

I am not sure if Pamela can handle college-level material. Steve and I agree that, as long as she is willing to learn, we are willing to homeschool her. She has made incredible gains in language in the past three years. We would be foolish to stop now, just because she needs to transition before she is developmentally ready.

LAA and Family said...

I've noticed from photos you posted that your house looks like a wonderful place for your children to do their work in. Currently, my oldest does most of his work in our dining room on a table piled up with lots of stuff. When we read together he likes to move to our living room.. not nearly so cluttered! I work with Samuel mostly at the kitchen table (and up in his bedroom when necessary). I look forward to the day when I can have all the kids at various places around the house doing work. That'll happen when we get more organized and they can focus better.

Diane G. -- We talk about "home college" for our oldest son! I just can't even think of him leaving home yet! We still have a few years though, he's only 10!

Tammy - I think what you have done for Pamela by teaching her at home is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing all that you have done and are doing. You have been such an inspiration to me. Though we're not all that much into it this year, I'm liking the Charlotte Mason method more and more. I'm trying to be very flexible and experiment a bit with things this year for all the kids. I can see us using more Charlotte Mason things as time goes on.

LAA and Family said...

Forgot to say this, I'm glad to see regular posts from you again!

Godsgirlnga said...

Hey Tammy,
I think the new name of your website "Little Homeschool on the Porch" would be a great name....Pamela looks so cute!!! Thanks for the comments on my site. Im blessed to have great friends like you that give me encouragement.