Sunday, November 12, 2006

Calendar Crazy

Pamela found a mistake in the church bulletin, which stated next Sunday, November 13. She muttered, "This is the worst day ever!" Then she marked out the twelve and changed it to thirteen. Steve and I chuckled because all of the offering envelopes in the pew where we normally sit are covered in figures like this picture:
Years and Starting Days

When Pamela was younger, she had no hints of ever developing savant skills. She did not seem to have a flair in math, music, art, or anything. When she was twelve, she became interested in calendars and began researching them on the Internet. She memorized all fourteen kinds of calendars: seven leap years (starting on Sunday, Monday, etc.) and common years (starting on Sunday, Monday, etc.). Then she learned what years go with each kind of calendar. For several years, Pamela has been writing notes like these:
Leap Year versus Common Year

I have about three reams worth of calendar pages like the ones shown here. Pamela wrote all of the pages in today's blog entry last week. Eventually, Pamela branched into learning the Chinese astrological signs too.
Chinese Astrological Sign by Year

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