Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Birthday . . . Grandpa . . . Surprise

Yesterday was Pamela's grandfather's birthday. We wanted to make his day special, so all of us, even Steve, wrote a story about our favorite memory of him. Pamela is not ready for experience stories (page 10), but she can easily whip up a personal description story. She decided to pen hers in cursive since a birthday is a special occasion.

Then we went high-tech! Since reciting poetry is a new skill never seen by her grandfather, I decided to film Pamela reciting one of her favorites by A. A. Milne, The End. I filmed her recitation on my digital camera, and David edited it with Windows Movie Maker and added Narnian music (track 4) as a birthday gift for their grandfather.

If you would like to see our video birthday card, go to my Aut-2B-Home web page (click here). We loved how it turned out, and Pamela giggles with delight whenever she sees it.

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Anonymous said...

That was wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing your family so publicly. Sincerely,Diane