Monday, January 01, 2007

High-Tech Happy New Year Tip!

Happy New Year! Click here for a cute card to ring in another year!

Yesterday on my email list Aut-2B-Home, people discussed how affected they and/or their children are by graphic images on the Internet. Still photos of Saddam Hussein with a noose around his neck part of their webmail sign-in page disturb them. Ads with scantily clad women often plague online sites for checking email (*ahem* Hotmail and Earthlink). I shared a high-tech tip for avoiding visual images that helps enough people to make it worthwhile to post here.

About ten years ago, I was struggling to keep a very old computer alive. It contained such a small amount of space that accessing a web page full of graphics would crash the computer. Frames, which were the latest Internet phenomenon at the time, gave the poor thing the blue screen of death! I solved my problem by turning off the graphics! I was able to surf the Internet and see only the images I absolutely needed by turning them on individually.

H is how to turn off Internet images in Firefox:

Click Tools, then Options, then Content.
There is a box to check off "Load images automatically". Click until you see no checkmark.
Click Ok.
If you want to see an image, right click the box for the broken image and click "View image".

Here is how to turn off Internet images in Explorer:

Click Tools, then Internet Options, then Advanced.
In the box that pops open, scroll down until you see the section called Multimedia and click until you see no checkmarks in two boxes:
"Play videos in web pages"
"Show pictures"
Click Apply.
If you want to see an image, right click the box for the broken image and click "Show image".

Keep these instructions and do the same to restore automatic loading of images, except make sure you see checkmarks in the boxes indicated.

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Mary said...

I'm grocery shopping with Alan this afternoon and I will be buying some plain paper plates! We are working from a vocabulary book but this will be useful also, Tammy! I always learn from you.