Monday, December 03, 2007

Fun with Sequencing Cards

Pamela already knows how to put pictures in sequence, but we are having fun with a twist to this idea. I cut up cards in a sequence and put them in order. I present them one at a time in order. Pamela tells me what the characters are doing (practicing present progressive tense) on the card being shown. To add an element of having to read my face for information, she has to guess what will happen next. Then, I use mainly non-verbal communication to help her figure it out. With the climax of the story, I try to do a little bit of anticipation like counting before I show the card, starting and stopping, pausing, acting very dramatic, etc.

So far, she likes the nursery rhymes at Enchanted Learning. I do not tell her the title of the rhyme so part of the fun is guessing it. They are a bit drab, so I use our trusty, old, reliable, lovable 1995 version of MGI Photosuite to add some color.

These stick-figure story sequences look dull, but nearly all of them have a funny twist that Pamela makes Pamela giggle. For example, she expected the one with a fireman carrying a hose to be about a house on fire. Imagine trying to give her non-verbal clues for birthday cake! I ended up humming the birthday song. The thought of someone putting out a cake with a firehose tickled her fancy.

From time to time, Hearing Journey posts wordless books for the weekly preschool activities. Pamela loved this week's story which was about a pig and sheep riding a sled and crashing into a snowman. It reminded her of the beloved story Pa told Laura "The Pig and the Sled." If you think this week's story is cute, be sure to download the pdf file because it turns into a pumpkin on Friday!

Once I run out of entertaining story sequencing cards (none of that dull life skills stuff that bores us to tears), I plan to print out and cut up online comics.

Today's version of Foxtrot is a perfect example of something tailor-made for this activity. It will probablt change by tomorrow, so I will briefly narrate. Foxtrot is busy working at a computer. His mother is asking him about his progress on taking out her wrinkles in the family Christmas picture. He shows her the family on the bridge of the Death Star (Pamela is a fan of Star Wars), riding the back of a T. Rex ala Jurassic Park, waving at a Balrog (we read the books and have the Special Extended Editions of all three movies and even the cheesy cartoon version from the 1970s) and navigating the first level of Super Mario Brothers (the only game she will play on her Game Boy). The beauty of this comic is that I can have her guess each new scene and think of clues to help her think of each scene. I am already having fun just anticipating doing this one with her!


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Those wordless stories are the best. I have his book (w/o CD rom) and it has several of those books in there (B&W.) If you want I can photocopy them and send them to you. I think i can find the book pretty easy. I am trying to remember what books I have duplicates of.... if I have 2 of that book i could just send you one. You might find some more fun stuff....i'll take a peek. btw...the link to hearing journey didn't work... but I know what stories you are talking about.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Hi!! Glad you guys stopped by my blog. I have two boys w/ autism but one is in public school. The 7-year-old is at home. You actually can't really tell he has autism as long as I am always with him and we avoid crowds. :] The older one... well, we love him.

I love your other blog as well. The old house thing... sigh... we *very* nearly did the same thing though we wouldn't have had the money for improvements. Just as well we didn't now that I see this house is at the corner of the Junior High and they call it "pot corner" for a reason LOL! Lovely house though.

walking said...

Do you have a scanner? That would be cool! Please do not knock yourself out because I know you have more important things to do this Christmas season.

Mrs. C., thanks for reminding me that my house blog is in major, MAJOR need of an update!