Thursday, December 27, 2007

Saved by CBD Books!

I have company visiting and little time to blog. Last Saturday night, I was frantic! All month long I had been practicing Bethlehem Morning, which I was supposed to sing at church last Sunday. Well, apparently, I had rehearsed this piece one too many times because the tape broke the night before I was supposed to sing!


Fortunately, I looked online and found the song was not only available at CBD Books, but that I could download the vocal track for ONLY 99 cents and burn a CD from the download!


The double miracle in this is that Pamela started getting a cold on December 15 and I thought I would catch her cold, just in time for my solo. Again, fortunately--or was that God's perfect timing--my sore throat started on Christmas Eve after all of my singing obligations were finished!

The other blessing was that the You-Tube clip I accessed to figure out how the song was originally sung came from a Christmas in Washington special. This video launched me on a trip down memory lane for I was on this show in Christmas of 1983 and 1984 as a member of the United States Naval Academy Glee Club. If you want a good laugh, check out the Skiv's Skating Rink in the Sky (one of my all time favorites) or our alma mater Navy Blue and Gold or the sea chanty Boston Harbor or the hilarious medley of political slogans (too bad they left out the ending--it was FABULOUS).

I found an article on Dr. Talley who helped me find my voice. What they do not mention his great ragtime versions of the Navy Hymn and the Doxology. I had never soloed, much less sung much, until Dr. Talley accepted me into the choir and glee club. He even selected me to do the alto solo from the Easter Messiah and hired Jeanne Kelly to be the voice teacher for all of the soloists. She was fantastic, and I still remember many tips and tricks she taught me about singing.

I was not surprised that no clips of Christmas in Washington exist on You-Tube from the two years I was on the show. So, I googled it. I was flabbergasted to find a DVD of the 1983 show hosted by Andy Williams up for sale on eBay! Even more so, I WON THE BID. So, now Steve and the kids have seen a very young and thin version of me singing for President Reagan on national television.

I also found some pictures at the Osmond family website from the 1984 show, which I will be happy to share here. You can see larger shots by clicking each image.

I have a copy of this same program displayed at the Osmond website in my memorabilia from my days at the boat school. Again, you can see larger shots by clicking each image. And, that is enough sea stories for one evening . . . (Jamberry, don't you love it?)


JamBerry said...

Whoa, now I"M having flashbacks!!
Mom & Dad taped it the years I was on. Firstie year was the best--I was right up front with Vince Gill. I wonder where they stashed the videos . . . .

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

I was really coming down w/ a cold over a week ago. I asked God to hold it off for Christmas...i started getting sick on the night of the 25th. And it is very short lived. Isn't God gracious! Very interesting post.

Unknown said...

LUCKY!!! I wish someone had taught me to sing. All I've learned is what I've picked up from others. I've sang in high school, and college choirs as an alto. Now I've matured a bit... I'm a soprano. Weird huh? Wish I knew what I was doing. LOL

I too thought I was getting a cold before singing on Christmas Sunday -- I started squirting salt water into my nasal passages to ward off a cold. Seems to have worked. Praise God! (Boy does that HURT).

HEY -- great tip about burning CD's from CBD. I just switched churches and they allow CD's for accompaniment. I've got to start building a collection. $.99 is a lot better than $10 I paid at the book store. THANKS!!

THIS is why I love blogs -- I can learn something new every day.