Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Variations on Picture Study

Pamela and I are doing a twist on picture studies like the ones described in the lesson plans last June. Not only do picture studies allow opportunities to explore fine art, but they give us scope to have conversation and make connections.

Now, we are working on theory of mind. I printed out six different Monet paintings of water lilies. In a typical lesson, Pamela picks one picture, and I put the rest away. She describes the picture and I ask questions to help me visualize better. When we come to a shared understanding, I pull out all of the pictures and mix them up. Then, I go through them, one by one, try to guess which picture she chose. I tell her my reasoning as we go along so she has the chance to see how important her details are.


Joy said...

This -- and the previous related links -- are SO helpful, Tammy! I'd dabbled in Lindamood Bell describing (& drawing) of pictures with my son last spring, and hoped to make some more progress now this fall. It helps so much to see your real life examples. What you've also given me is an understanding of how it fits into our RDI work, as well as Charlotte Mason. So it will help keep me from jumping too far ahead before he is ready, as I am so wont to do!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOL how cool! That Pamela is able to describe at all is exciting.

Ok, that sounds condescending but you know how I meant it. That is a hard skill to teach. :]