Thursday, November 05, 2009

Return of the Wayward Blogger

The Navy taught me NEVER to make excuses. Pamela and I spent eight lovely days north of the Mason-Dixon line. I was missing in action on a covert mission, uncovering the fall colors and the secret life of bees. Everything else is classified information . . . Loose lips sink ships, baby!

Last Saturday, Pamela went trick or treating. At the last minute, she ditched her plan to be a mom carrying her two babies (Baby Alive and Baby David) and decided to be a woman from Greece. Fortunately, I already had the white tunic which she wore for a wizard costume three years ago, so all I bought was a scarf for five dollars! We joined a friend and kids from their neighborhood and piled into her mini-van driven by a clown. Pamela, Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse, Obi-One Kenobi, a cowboy, a crocodile, a superhero in black, and two friendly helpers in tall hats made the rounds together.

Pamela is still working through the trick or treating etiquette but I noticed her doing one new thing, reflective of her improving dynamic thinking skills. In years past, she accepted whatever candy came her way. This year, she showed discernment. Anytime someone handed her with peanuts she would say, "No!" and push it back. Then, explaining her peanut allergies worked, and most people let her pick something safe.

For the first time ever, houses hosted haunted tents. To get the coveted prize, trick or treaters wove through smoke and scary monsters (kids wielding glow in the dark weapons). Pamela could care less: she casually made her way to the candy and ignored people trying to scare her.

This house always has interesting gadgets to capture the kids' attention and this year was no exception!


Unknown said...

I love that you blog her improvements... neat to see that she will refuse the nuts now. GROWTH -- so fun to watch as a mom, yes?

Penny said...

She looks absolutely REGAL.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, glad to have you back!

Jackson will be 5 in January, yet this is his first year for trick or treating. He has dressed up every year as Thomas the Train so he could attend festivals in the community, but this is the first year I actually took him door to door. He loved putting the candy in his bag and saying thank you. Of course he said "Thank you Nan" to everyone. Nan lives next door to us. Since we went to her house first, he thought that is what he was supposed to say at every door. He doesn't eat solid food, so we let him play with, sort and line up his candy for a few days before adding it to his sister's stash!

It looks like we both had big steps for our kids this year.