Monday, January 18, 2010

Watch and . . .

Today we worked on generalizing the watch and do activities.
  • We tried "Level 2" of tying shoes: Pamela tied shoes with white laces that had no special coloring system.
  • David showed Pamela how to build a Lego model. BOTH of my kids were fabulous: David was a terrific guide, very patient and excellent at the slow, nonverbal style of communication. Pamela was a terrific apprentice, knowing that her brother has had years of experience building Lego creations and is the expert Legomaker in the family.
  • Pamela helped me put away dishes, a situation that required gross motor movement as well as watching and doing what I was doing with objects.

Watch and Tie Level 2

Watch and Build

Watch and Put Away


Phyllis said...

I LOVE these videos! I laughed when I watched the Shoe Tying one, remembering all my attempts at teaching mine to learn how to tie shoes. I was SO impressed by your son's teaching ability in the Lego one. He is so patient, accurate in his non-verbals and a delight to watch. Such talent! I cried when I got to the end of the Putting Away the Dishes one. I can see that there is so much more I can be doing with my Alex and now I see how to. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your posting these.
Bless you!

walking said...

Phyllis, what do you think made it easier for me to teach Pamela? I have my theory but I want to see what you think.

David is an awesome brother. I know he probably won't want anything to do with autism in terms of career. But, he certainly has the aptitude for being a therapist or consultant.

I am glad they helped you visualize what we are doing right now.