Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Laid Plans

I made my first contribution to a blog carnival (see the little icon below the Halloween photograph), the Fifth Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival, hosted by On Our Journey Westward. You can enjoy past editions or contribute to the next one!

Yesterday, I had a craft all planned, and it fell apart, which is typical for me. The reason why Pamela has a head start on flexible thinking is because I can be so ditzy. I bought some paint for this spinning art project and went to look for the lazy Susan where I keep my spices. I should say, KEPT my spices. I have used it for YEARS, but it did not fit very well in the cabinets of my new house. Until I started looking for it, I had forgotten that it is packed up in a box somewhere OR worse, sitting ON a thrift shop shelf here in town. I am not really certain where it is.

So, at the last minute, I ran to the computer, googled paint and crafts, and found a very long list of potential ideas to explore uncertainty with Pamela. I wanted a craft that was easy enough for Pamela to figure out by referencing my nonverbal communication. I chose crayon stained glass because she has never made crayon shavings, and I already had everything (except the wax paper, so I decided it would be a Christmas ornament).

We made two "balls" and glued them back to back. Today, we will punch a hole and add string. I am pleased because Pamela referenced beautifully to figure out what to do without me saying a word. At first, we tried peeling thick crayon with a vegetable peeler, and I saw that it was too awkward for Pamela. Then, we switched over to the pencil sharpener. You can see how well Pamela will check me to see if I think she is on the right track. At one point, the crayon broke and Pamela read my nonverbal communication to get a blade! Pamela must have been thinking we were sharpening crayons at first because, when I pointed out the full shaving container, she pointed and said, "Trash!" Later, she asked, "What's that for?" I answered mysteriously, "You'll see!" The first clip spotlights the intial nonverbal communication and Pamela's ability to reference to resolve uncertainty. In the second clip, we use more verbal communication as most of the uncertainty is what to do is resolved.

You would think *I* had had enough UNproductive uncertainty for one day, but the iron bit the dust, right before our very eyes! For some mysterious, unfathomable reason, the power button dislodged in a weird way and refuses to turn on the iron. Yes, I meant refuses. I have the worst luck with mechanical things and, if something is going to break, it will break under my watch. I really did nothing special to break it. I didn't even drop it. I thought Black and Decker appliances were supposed to be indestructible, but, at least, the iron lasted longer than the electric can opener--I used that twice before it bit the dust. In fact, I don't even remember when I bought the iron, so that is pretty lengthy for my track record with appliances!


Mary said...

For some reason the video clips would not play. I would still like to see them. Tammy, the can opener should not have died on the second use! Maybe you will take that as an opportunity to buy a One Touch battery-powered can opener. I could not do without an iron, although we don't use it all that much anymore. Glad there was a lot of uncertainty but not glad your iron broke.

JamBerry said...

Terrific clips & terrific referencing & working together!

If you're up for 'playing with fire,' one of the things my brother and I used to do as a kid was melt broken crayons onto rocks we selected from the backyard, and then give the resulting decorative "paperweights" as presents to grandparents/whoever. It was fun watching the crayon wax dripping down, landing on the rock, and then running down the sides. (Yes, Mom knew what we were doing. And Grandpa really did use his!)

(Also if someone reads this, and tries it, and burns themselves or their house down, it's not my fault you weren't careful enough!! :) It really is 'playing with fire!')

walking said...


Google has been having unpredictable, weird errors with the video clips lately. Nothing I do fixes them, but they who up eventually. When I get a new can opener, it will definitely be the One Touch!


We have barbecue pit. We could try sprinkling shavings on rocks and see what happens! I bet it might work on an ultra sunny day in the height of summer, too.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

finally got a chance to look at the videos. That was GREAT! she was referencing you so well-and keeping at it....and you know just when to give a bit more info. gotta put this clip on favorite for me