Saturday, November 10, 2007

Referencing to Resolve Uncertainty

One of my goals for Pamela is to borrow my perspective when she is unsure. This can be tricky to frame because I have to think of new things for her to do. This week, I found two lifestyle activities that were short and told me that Pamela is referencing me to resolve uncertainty when she is unsure.

On Wednesday, Pamela refilled the suet cage. She tried opening the wrong end (where the hinge is) at first. Then, she turned to the other end and glanced at me with a questioning look. I nodded, so she persisted until she opened it. She cut the plastic off the suet but was not sure if the plastic container went in the cage, too. Pamela glanced at me to make sure how to do it! Then, we went to hang a bell feeder. After she cut off the plastic and cut string, she was not sure how to string it. She pointed to the hole and looked at me. I made a motion of putting my fingers to my mouth, pretending to wet the string. She has done that before with her sewing and very quickly imitated the action!

On Friday, we went to Wal-Mart and did the self-checkout. Since it was a small shopping run, I wanted to pay in cash for she was used to credit card. I got Pamela's attention and opened my wallet, She pointed to the word Cash on the touch screen and glanced at me. I nodded and handed her a large bill, so she pressed cash. Then, she pointed at the cash slot and looked at me, just to make sure. I nodded. When she saw the coins, she knew where to put it for I had the coin purse in my wallet unzipped. Neither one of us knew where to find the bills. The machine kept talking to us (driving me crazy) and finally I spotted the cash dispenser under the scanner. I exclaimed, "I found it!" She looked at me, and I gazed at the cash dispenser. She found the bills in no time.

Now, I have to think of some more new things to try next week.

P.S. I am doing some Snoopy Dancing. I just received an email from Amazon that they have shipped the DVD Amazing Grace, due in my home on or about November 19! I can honestly say that this biopic with great production value and a great message is the best movie I have ever seen. I was so entranced by the vision presented that I could not watch television for about two weeks because it was so lackluster and lacking in soul and spirit. In case, you missed this little gem it is about how William Wilberforce fought to abolish slavery in England and how he eventually won.

P.S.S. I just found an opportunity to resolve uncertainty for next week in a completely new activity! Hearing Journey has a suggestion to make an iron-on transfer for a pillow. Pamela has never done this before, and she could do this with me as her guide! (Remember this activity will disappear by the end of the week.) That got me to thinking about making a tie-dye T-shirt for another day. Plus, on one of the RDI lists, they mentioned using a salad spinner for art--Pamela loves doing abstract, creative things with paint. I wonder if this will work with the cheap lazy Susan I already have. If not, we can turn it into a shopping trip and let her follow my cues in locating a salad spinner!


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

I think you use hearing journey more than I do now! I have to look further than the regular sections. (I think I just started doing it when they started the website but they've added a bunch more.) I wrote the volunteer coordinator saying that the website is now 'far reaching' to those outside the HI community!

just love the walmart story. (Since we don't feed the birds I can't picture that one LOL!)


walking said...

See how much uncertainty there is to a bird feeder! :-)

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

I wanted to add...the lazy susan thing is so funny...i have one- nice wooden entertaing one. I set it on fire the year before ANdrew was born at a party I had at the house. Fondue in the middle. I kept it around thinking i'd resand and use it...then long ago I saw the lazy Susan idea in a book so I have kept that dang thing in the basement and STILL have not used it!!!!!!!! that was probably 5 years ag.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I love Amazing Grace! It is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen.

It is on my Christmas list, so we'll see if I can do the happy dance soon? :)