Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wacky Week!

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This week was one of those weeks in which I simply could not get any traction on the
homeschooling front:
  • David is getting over a head cold, which means there were some fuzzy headed math days for him.
  • Pamela is coming down with David's head cold, which means she is a drippy, miserable mess.
  • I am taking Vitamin C, Zicam, and lots of soup and juice to fight a mild sore throat and two singing nights in a row (choir and praise band).
  • I had the phone repaired on Tuesday on the phone company's dime: the phone shorted out every time it rained hard or Steve got crazy with the sprinklers. The ADT guy paid us a visit today because the radio transmitter stopped working.
  • Switching to the third hard drive in the past three weeks put me behind in doing my year in review and plans for the new year, due to my third option homeschooling association this week. I spent all weekend plus Monday and Tuesday going through the kids' papers and pounding the keyboard, leaving my head pounding.
  • David had soccer practice Tuesday and Thursday night. I had rehearsal for choir and band Wednesday and Thursday night.
  • Yesterday, Pamela and I spent three hours at the dealership getting an oil change and typical service (fortunately, she does not mind doing schoolwork in the waiting room). Then, we hit the health food store.
  • Steve left on an unexpected trip Tuesday and arrived home late, LATE, L-A-T-E last night.
  • Today, we cleaned house, just in case someone might stop by after the block front porch party next door. We have spent the past two years renovating this 100-year-old house and, let's just say, people are curious. Steve and I went to the block party before I headed to rehearsal. (BTW, nobody stopped by . . .)
  • My husband, zonked out on the couch, just asked me, "What did the state attorney general tell you to do with the fuel tanks?" Huh? I think he is watching too much politics! David wants to know if he is on the dark side of the moon . . .
  • We will spend the weekend buying clothes for us my niece's wedding next week. In reality, we will probably only squeeze out three days of homeschooling next week since I will have to kennel the dogs on Thursday (and pack) and we leave for New Orleans on Friday.
  • Speaking of which, here is a peek of the Princess Dress, which we ordered last July! The dress is in the shop getting the straps adjusted and a bolero jacket made with the same material.
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Anonymous said...

Woohoo, the long awaited Princess Dress! It looks like a lovely color on Pamela; I can't wait to see some photos of her all dressed up for the wedding. I would wish for you to have a less frenzied week, but since you are going on a trip, that seems out of the question. Anyway, I hope all goes well!