Monday, February 07, 2011

Work of Our Hands

To give you a breather before another math post, I thought you might enjoy the work of our hands.

Pamela's Watercolor of a Wolf

Her Latest Drawings

My Scarves

My Potholders and Hot Pad


Beth said...

I love Pamela watercolor, drawings, scarves and pot holders. They're wonderful! How did you get the scarves to curl and did she finger knit the pot holders? We've made 1 finger knitted flower for Ian's teacher so far, almost done with the 2nd and hoping to get a third more done before Tuesday for his therapists. Thanks for the inspiration! He's making GF V-day cupcakes with his sister right now. We bought some beets yesterday to color the icing pink:-)

walking said...

I did the scarves and pot holders. :-)

The scarves are very easy if you know single crochet and treble crochet. Here is a link.

Pamela is finger-knitting scarves for her dolls and maybe for herself. The next step will be needle knitting.

Here is a link for the potholders which are 100% cotton worsted weight yarn.

Way to go on the finger knitted flower!!!! It sounds like Ian is on a roll!