Sunday, March 18, 2007


Pamela loves this RDI exercise we do to help her reference my face for information. I have twenty-seven cards with one of three shapes (heart, triangle, circle) that are one of three different colors (red, yellow, blue) that are also one of three different sizes. I think of a criterion for each turn for her to match: same color, same shape, or same shape. I give her a card and think of a criterion (same color), and then she must point to a card. If it is the same color, I will smile; if not, I will frown. Once she finds a matching card, I shift my criteria and she has to find the next card by reading my face. She thinks my frowns are hilarious and giggles away. At the end of this clip, she even imitates my frowns! We both have much fun with this game!


Mary said...

Fantastic experience sharing and referencing, Tammy! You are both enjoying her increasing competence.

I could not find the doc section. Please advise.


momof3feistykids said...

Hi Tammy, "Taffy" directed me to your weblog. I can see I will be back often - there is so much to absorb here. :-) I have looked over one of the RDI books, and am interested in finding ways to implement it with my dd with mild Asperger's and severe anxiety. Thanks!

cateread said...

What a great video! I'm new here, just saw your blog URL on autism-remediation-for-our-children list. My husband and I live in Portland, OR, with our two sons, one has autism. I'm so impressed with how well you homeschool both of your children! We do RDI (and have done ABA in the past), diet, and only a little biomed. (usually backfires), and are trying homeopathy.

Thanks for posting this--I like seeing what other moms/parents are doing.