Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Side View of a Line of Animals

Today, I figured out the problem with side views. Pamela cannot tell which is in front when seen from the side. Using animals, I spent about ten minutes drilling this. I focused her attention on two things: the animal with its nose facing out is the first animal; the animal with its tail facing out is last. She finally got the nose/tail concept, and she built up some confidence with our DTT work once she understood. We shall see what she remembers tomorrow. I will definitely have to seek pictures with side views for quite awhile to make sure she maintains this concept!

Here is a funny RDI story: in one activity, you are to sneak up on the child and do something mildly bothersome. The objective is to teach shifting attention and productive uncertainty (handling things gone awry with composure). I was making math problems with stamp markers, and I reached over and stamped Pamela's arm. She looked surprised and gave me her half-smile (it means she is intrigued). I made several attempts at random intervals for about ten minutes, and she left the table with four stamps on her arm. She did become more vigilant and would tell me in the most typical annoyed tone, "Cut it out!"

Who needs to sneak up from behind when sneaking from the front works just as well?

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