Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What to Do BEFORE a Reading

We're back from a busy week, and I hope to wrap up the stuff I have on graphic organizers and narration. Today, Nicole Beurkens let me know that the Horizons Developmental Remediation Center will make a donation to the RDI Scholarship fund for every person who signs up to receive their free weekly email newsletter. I can't argue with free and supporting a good cause!

Charlotte Mason recommended recalling the previous reading to get into a new reading. She said, "Let each new lesson be so interlaced with the last that the one must recall the other; that again, recalls the one before it, and so on to the beginning" (page 158). Research on learning confirms this because the brain has a better chance of storing new information (unknown) by linking to already stored information (known). She explained what to do before every reading,
In every case the reading should be consecutive from a well-chosen book. Before the reading for the day begins, the teacher should talk a little (and get the children to talk) about the last lesson, with a few words about what is to be read, in order that the children may be animated by expectation; but she should beware of explanation and, especially, of forestalling the narrative (pages 232-233).

In an earlier post, Pamela filled out a graphic organizer that encouraged her to reflect upon the reading and ask herself questions. This is another way to help link a previous reading to the next section. The picture below shows what she wrote and the video clip shows how we did it.

Answering Her Own Question


poohder said...

loved the follow up. BTW I took a
class from Nicole at the RDI parent conference and she is marvelous. I signed up for the newsletter too.

walking said...

Hurray! It is a win-win: free and helping a good cause.

I have more follow-up because I am leading up to final step of writing a narration of the chapter from memory!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

So are you liking the graphic organizers as scaffolding for narration? I looked at a LARGE too big book at the MLE conference and decided it was 'too much info' but we need 'something' to organize. this MAY be part of the reason Andrew finds chapter books unwieldly. He is not ready for written narration.... but I could do the writing and we could discuss together...thoughts??