Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Meals on Wheels

I don't like to assign my kids busywork, but I noticed Pamela showed a sudden interest in crossword puzzles. She got this booklet with a kids meal from a fast-food restaurant and filled out the crossword puzzle about the planets, all by herself. Since we are in are last week studying chipmunks, I thought it would be fun to make a crossword puzzle (thank you, Online Crossword Puzzle Maker) with all of the vocabulary words in the back of the book. And, it's a good thing I did!

I was just finishing up typing Pamela's association method sheets when my dad (who lives across the street) showed up and reminded me that I was going to help him with meals on wheels at ten! It was 9:14--and I was still in my pajamas and had not eaten any breakfast. I quickly got dressed and ate (in a flash, thanks to my training at the boat school). I threw together some independent work for Pamela to do: copywork, the crossword puzzle, and her association method sheets! Dad and I spent an hour and a half on the route and, when I arrived home, Pamela had finished them all!

Speaking of meals on wheels, we signed up to fill in from time to time and the kids and I will be delivering meals one day near the end of the month. When I got home, I made up a map so that David can help me navigate (Pamela is so good with directions, she will assume that role down the road). Pamela's role will be to hand David milk and salad, and David will be take the hot tray, milk, and salad to the door. I will be the supervisor and driving. I am thinking that, down the road, Pamela could reach the point where she and I could take the food to the door. In two years, David will be in college, so we have plenty of time for her to learn the more challenging role.

I got my wheels turning on another short term project for Pamela: no-sew, tied, fleece, reversible blankets. I think it would be neat for her to make blankets for her babies, now that winter is almost here. Then, she could also make a larger blanket for one cousin who is due in November and another cousin due in May. I am already crocheting a blanket for each--one is pictured left--but I think Pamela could master this. If you do an image search online, you can find some neat pictures and instructions on the basic blanket and variations. I have a friend who does monograms, and I think it would be awesome to have a monogram of the baby's name sewed in first!

Oh, I wanted to share the cheap books I scored at last week's used library book sale: fifteen books, many of which are classics, for only $13. YES! That is a better deal than Paperbackswap! And, if that is not random enough for you, here are some pictures of Steve (our resident drummer), our two dogs, Lovely Loa and the Arwenator, and David, who's assist tonight helped his team score!


Sue said...

Your blog is just wonderful. I learned about you through Milehimama, and I am still reading through all of the wonderful information you have so graciously shared.

I wanted to share some blog love with you, and give others the opportunity to glean from your experience and wisdom. Please visit my blog to recieve you award!

Julee Huy said...

Tammy! You are all over the place doing all kinds of stuff! Football, blankets, crosswords, oh my! :)

Sounds like you are having fun. I liked learning about the "boat school."

I love it when the kids discover something new they enjoy, especially something that uses their minds like a crossword puzzle! Anything that can be counted as school is a wonderful thing right?!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Oh, goodness, so much in this post! I had no idea Pamela was a great navigator, or that she liked puzzles so much. The puzzlemaker looks like a lot of fun.

Currently my seven-year-old keeps making ME word-find puzzles, but his lines of letters aren't even and I have to give up in the middle and ask for help. Then he forgets where he put the answers LOL!! Cute.

poohder said...

Tammy, That's some quick thinking.
I had to chuckle, your Loa looks almost exactly like our Sandy. The only difference is that our Sandy has the brown droopy ears.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the detailed description of the interactions. It helps me understand RDI a little better to see that kind of flow.

Love your blog in general...It is so nice to see another homeschooling family.

walking said...

Sue, thanks for the blog love!!!!

Julee, it was a crazy day! Puzzles are school.

Mrs. C., it looks like you have a puzzle maker on your hands!!! We have a nickname for Pamela--GPS!

Poohder, Loa was born not far from you--Kansas City, Missouri.

Thanks, Jennifer. We are blessed by so many of the homeschooling families out there doing blogs!