Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Steve left for work early, so his opportunity to work on uncertainty was EASY. Mine was not! The radio station was acting up while she was eating lunch. I did the calm, neutral demeanor, and it was just not working for her. So, I scaffolded her more than usual. The station it went off and on about three times. Every time, I tried what we have been doing. When she did not calm down easily, I turned on the other radio (I have two in the kitchen--one is better with AM, the other with FM). Then when the one station came back we could switch and not have dead air. She handled that well.

I had an impromptu tutoring session with one of the twins from next door. At one point, when he was showing David his karate moves, Pamela went up to him and asked, "What's your name?" and after he answered her question, she followed up with "Where are you from?"

We ate dinner at my folk's house with friends from church. For the first time ever, Pamela joined in on the toast. We did not point anything out to her and did not even expect her to participate (shame on us!). Pamela noticed that everyone was picking up their glasses to toast, so she raised her glass of water. Steve and I clinked glasses with hers. She did not know to drink, so then I clinked her glass and took a sip of mine and said, "Your turn!" She did it! Then, she followed-up with Steve.

A couple of times, she started to get nervous about a trigger word, but I did the whole-part reminder and she settled down. It was so smooth the two guests did not realize Pamela was anxious.


Mama Skates said...

wow - more & more great news!!!

Unknown said...

I can see Pamela's quality of life meter getting higher all the time. (And yours of coursetoo) Yay RDI, yay guided participation!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEERS!