Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And Flamingo Makes Six!

Imaginative Pamela decided to dress up like a cowboy while she worked on her math (proportion word problems). They say autistic children lack imagination and have trouble with spontaneity. I beg to differ!

Last Friday, Pamela did a wonderful job referencing my face for information during the locked box game. When I spotlighted anticipating what was in the box, she was so eager to open it she became mildly annoyed with me for stalling her. Her face brightened with a smile after I started the "right or wrong" game in which she had to guess what kind of animal was in the box. I answered with nonverbal communications (head movement, facial expression, and unexpected sounds). After she guessed bird, we worked on the color. I turned my gaze to the pink face, and she also shifted her gaze between the direction of my focus and my face! I had to show her my pink sweatshirt before she guessed "pink."

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