Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Curtains in a Pond?

Yesterday, Pamela found a mouse (pink Barbie mouse) in the locked box game, which fit in nicely with her pond theory. Now, she is totally confused because the box contained curtains today! I cannot wait for her anticipation of what will be in the box tomorrow.

Due to my random streak (I prefer that term over ditziness or lack of organization), we stumbled upon a new opportunity to reference me for information. On Saturday, I had packed away her animal toys and had forgotten to retrieve them for the locked box game. After opening it, we normally discuss the latest theory on what kind of collection have these toys. When Pamela saw her toys were missing yesterday, she started referencing me and I led her to the location using eye gaze, facial expressions, and unexpected sounds. Today, I hid the flamingo on purpose and this variation to the game adds more opportunities to reference.

Final Episode of Barbie Kitty Condo Project
Previous Episode of Barbie Kitty Condo Project

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